Analysis and summery of MCDP 2, Leading Marines.

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Leading Marines is the greatest resource that I have come across so far for guidance and motivation in becoming a leader of Marines. In one neat sentence located in the forward, we are given everything that sums up what is expected of future leaders of Marines: "Our actions as Marines every day must embody the legacy of those who went before us." Marines have a great expectation to live up to, and as commissioned officers we must absolutely carry on the tradition of excellent leadership that has come before us. This leadership comes in many forms under many different conditions. As there are no two people who are exactly alike, there is no single way to lead. Leadership is learned not born; one must utilize personal traits and experiences to find his way of leading. I draw some of my leadership style and experience from leading a football team, O.C.S.,

and principles I have learned from my parents, while others may draw on school, physical challenges, or any other of their personal experiences. This doctrine is meant to help the leader understand the excellence that they are inheriting, and to give guidance on developing one's own leadership style.

The first chapter is titled Ethos, which describes to the reader what it is that makes a Marine, and leading Marines, different from every other walk of life. Being a Marine a full-time gig, never a part-time mindset or a paycheck. When Marines do things in the civilian world, they often hear statements like "that's such a Marine thing to do", or "only a Marine..." This is because Marines have a special way of going about things, a different way of looking at life and all it entails. Young people join the Marines because they want to be different, because they want...