This is analysis paper on Ernest Hemmingways,"A Clean Well Lighted Place.

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A Clean, Well Lighted Place

One thing most people fear is old age. We all think that we are eternal on this earth, but when we age we begin to realize that our bodies on this earth will become dust. Where will we go? How will we die? Will we be alone? These are all questions that run through our minds. All in all through life, all we want is to be loved and accepted no matter the condition or age. At a young age we are cherished. We are given so much love, we are considered to be a beauty to the world. As time goes on and age increases we tend to lose more and more of that beauty. When we become a teenager we are labeled, "rebellious". We have this understanding that we are invincible. Every generation has its fear that our future is in the hands of these rebellious kids, but it all works in the cycle of life.

Our parents seem to forget that they were in the same situation and this repeats itself time and time again.

In life there are people who think much like the two waiters, one who is young and the other middle aged. The old man is sitting at the bar minding his own business when the young waiter says, "What do you want? And the old man replied, Another Brandy, he said" (1108). "You should have killed yourself last week" (1108). This reminds me with the same situation at my work (Best Buy). We have older people come into the store looking for items and you help guide them to what they need. They are filled with so much information, most of the time they will talk to you forever. Our bosses inform us that we have...