Analysis of teen magazines.

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The main theme the cover of the widely known magazine, Cosmopolitan, is trying to convey is sex. There are three captions that are bold and stand out with bright yellow writing. Each caption has the word sex in it and that is the main idea this magazine is getting through to these young women or teenagers. Cameron Diaz, a pretty and famous actress is on the cover of the magazine. She is in a sexy pose with a low cut spaghetti strap tank top in order to catch guys' attentions who are passing by the magazine stand and to attract the girls who would do anything to be or be like her.

There are 54 different featured columns or stories. Of the 54, 48 of them have to do with beauty, sex, celebrities, and/or fashion. There are a few stories that are meaningful; however 95% of the magazine is all about superficialities.

A few examples of some titles are 101 sex tips, His sexiest time, Fall's Perfect Pants, Beauty news, Tackling touchy subjects in bed, Women who seduce teens, Bedroom blog, and so on. As one can tell by just the titles, this magazine revolves around very superficial ideas and con women into thinking that it is a necessity to be up to date with all the celebrity drama and new fashion styles. The theme that stands out to me the most is how to improve the girl's sex life. I understand now, why girls are so pressured and eager to start having sex at such a young age. It is all around them flashing at them everywhere they go and they will obviously get curious and want to experience the "big hype" for themselves.

There are ads every couple of pages and 77 out of the 90 ads...