Ancient Greece - A Time Of Great Cities And Lives

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Ancient Greece was an interesting time and place with huge markets in

which people could sell items of every kind. Strict laws with even stricter

penalties if broken, a place where women were did not have as many rights as they do today,

and along with the most outstanding army in their time. A quote that goes along with this

time is; 'I have killed one I have killed two -- the vampire who said he was youo.' -

Sylvia Platts.

Likewise in the Ancient Greeks so called modern civilization, which has often

been compared with the Nazi Germanies ethics of male domination. very cruel

and yet enticing time to be alive.

'Get your pots and pans...' Compared to today Ancient Greece was a

city far ahead of its time and possibly the time in which people now live.

Down in the streets of there was always someone willing to buy, trade or sell

anything that you had or desired.

With Ancient Greeks booming economy it's

no wonder that it attracted almost one quarter of the worlds

businesses and various smiths. These included bronze smiths, tanners and

potters. It is no wonder that Ancient Greece was in its time considered the

beginning of the of a new era that would be recognised as the centre of the

worlds economy and was to be home to more than twice as many shops and

people than the city already held.

Although women in the world today are always talking about women and

their rights and how they deserve to be equal in everything that they do and


receive, it was not a problem to Greeks in their society which has been

described as a place where women's freedom was restricted and their lives

were restricted to that of a slave in...