Anne Frank

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The Media

The media has been causing problems and clashes in opinions

probably ever since the television was invented. The media probably started

out OK, but after a while, they started twisting opinions and stories, and

taking sides. I think that the media is going to twist a story to make it more

interesting once too many times, and someone is going to sue them badly for

it. I would like to prove that the media sometimes messes up the truth.

The media sometimes finds a certain person and makes his/her story

sound worse and sadder so that they can get sympathy for that person and

then asks people to send money to help the person out. Not that that is a bad

intention, but it is none of our business. I think that the media should just

publish pictures, and then let you choose who you want to feed.

There is also the possibility that the only reason that big news

companies just need filler for their network, so they go to another country to

find some story on miserable people. If I was in some tribe in Africa or

something I would not want anyone bothering me by putting a camera in my

face. I would want the money to buy food, but if someone over in America

just needed my story for filler, I wouldn't be too happy.

It should be the tribe's leader that should have to get the tribe out of

trouble in any way that he could. It is not our business to send them our

money to get food for the people that got themselves into trouble, but I think

it makes people feel good to donate things to needy people. I just think that

the media isn't telling people the whole story.