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Genetically Modifyed Food

Recently there has been a debate on whether Australia should embrace or reject the production of "GM food". There are already some GM foods in Australia - but the public just does not realise it. Since GM foods are made in laboratories - people can already guess there are several chemicals used to make these ordinary foods into "super foods". So the question here is, do the benefits out weigh the risks?

GM food is short term for "genetically modified" food. Genetically modified food means the food - for example crops, are given new characteristics by having their DNA altered - or genetically modified. This can be done by scientist, who take a gene from one species and transfer or copy it to the crop. The procedure used on crops can also be used on animals.

It has already been used on animals. Soon it will be used on humans - to "genetically modify" us.

Soon humans will be able to breathe under water and fly. These are things which are supposed to be left with the fishes and birds. Who are we to play Mother Nature? This job should be left to her. Changing things which are the way they are for reason is not a game. If something goes wrong we can't just wave a wand and take it all back.

An idea to let the public know exactly what they are buying and eating, is to force the companies to label the product or put it in the ingredients. But who are we kidding? There always ways to evade such rules. One example of that is "natural corn" - oh yes, we forgot to tell you, the reason our natural corn tastes so sweet, is because we added sugar - but it was "natural"...