Is Austalia More Or Less Democratic Then Canada?

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Of all of the world's government, only about twenty four percent of them are democratic. This number is increasing as more countries change their government type. Australia and Canada is the democratic countries, but Australia is a more democratic country then Canada. In Australia the voting rights are much different of that then Canada's. The leaders of Australia are also chosen more democratically than Canada. The only thing that makes them similar to one another is that their division of power for their government is the same. After more information is known about both of the government it will become more obvious that Australia is more democratic than Canada.

Australia's voting rights are quite similar to Canada's voting rights, although Australia's voting rights are much more democratic than that of Canada's. More people get to vote in Australia because immates get to vote if they serve a sentence of five years or less.

Less people get to vote in Canada because immates don't get to vote if they serve a sentence of five years. They only get to vote if they serve a sentence of two years or less. The voting age in Australia is twenty-one years of age and the voting age for Canada is eighteen years of age. Comparing the age limit of Australia and Canada would make Canada more democratic. Elections in Australia are every three years and elections in Canada are every five years. When looking at Australia's overall voting rights compared to Canada's we can see that Australia has a more democratic voting system then that of Canada's.

The way the leaders in Australia are chosen is much different than that of Canada's. The commonwealth of Austalia gets to vote for the Senate. In Canada, the Prime Minister chooses who goes into the Senate. Everyone who gets to pass a law in Australia is voted for. The Prime Minister in Canada hires people to pass laws for Canada. Since we know how the Senates are chosen in both Australia and Canada, we can say that how Australia's laws are passed based on the voting from the people of Australia. In Canada it is like the Prime Minister is paying the Senate to pass the laws, instead of letting the people vote for who gets to pass the laws. How the laws are pass in Australia is much more democratic then how the laws are passed in Canada.

How the government is organized and how the powers are divided in both Austalia and Canada are the same. The division of power and how the government is organized is the same because they both got their government from the same country, Great Britain. The parliment of that country has the power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of that country. The judicial power of that country is vested in a federal supreme court. The executive power is vested in the monarch in both countries. Since we know how Canada and Australia organized their government and divided the powers of the branches, we know that they are both alike.

Australia and Canada are two countries that are democratic. Australia is more democratic then Canada. Even though Canada is more democratic in some part of their voting rights, Australia is still more democratic with their voting rights. Australia also is more democratic when choosing how to make their laws. The only thing that Australia isn't more democratic in is how they organize their government and how the powers of the government are divided. That doesn't mean that Canada is more democratic in that area. They both are the same in that area. We know that Australia is more democratic then Canada because we know that Australia is more democratic in most areas of their government then Canada is with their government.