The Automobile Industry

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The automobile today is a fun driving machine but the automobile was not always that way. There was an enormous struggle to build the first automobile. The earliest automobile was said to have been designed as early as 1335. There were all types of automobiles being designed and built. It was not until early in the 20th century that the first mass production of automobiles came about. By mid 20th century, the automobile became a "status quo" and was accepted by all societies.

The First Automobile: Guido da Vigevano designed the first automobile in 1335. The vehicle was a windmill type drive to gears and thus to wheels (Bottorff, internet). The vehicle was never built, but the design was recorded. Nicholas Joseph Cugnot in 1769 was recorded as having built the first vehicle to move under its own power. There was a second model built by Cugnot that weighed four tons and could go no faster than two miles per hour.

The automobile rode on the cobble streets of Paris and was not fun to drive. The automobile was so heavy that it ran into a wall and knocked it down. The automobile was initially built to haul around cannons. Cannons would be attached to the rear of the automobile to keep it from tipping over. There was a Frenchmen named Etienne Lenoir who patented the first practical gas engine in Paris in 1860. The car had a one half horsepower engine, which had a bore of five inches and a 24-inch stroke. This car was also a big and heavy vehicle and turned 100 rpm (Bottorff, internet).

Automobile Mass Production: Automobiles were not mass-produced until the early 20th century. A man by the name of Ramson Eli Olds designed his first petrol car. He then teamed up with Frank...