Automobile industry overview

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The auto industry has been an established market for the United States for many years. A boost to the market came at a time in when the United States was in the worst possible position for growth of many industries. During the great depression not many companies were turning a profit. President Roosevelt implemented a way to stimulate the economy by building roads. This gave many people employment and may have provided a way for the auto industry to grow. This could have been a motivator in automotive sales now that people had an easier way to drive across the country.

With Henry Fords implementing the assembly line aided in mass producing the automobile and began the industry present day. At the time it was "the big three," Ford, General Motors and the Chrysler Group, between the three they had a major share of the U.S.

market. The mass production helped to create a prosperous economy, not only were jobs created to work on the assembly line many companies were formed to build certain parts for the automobile. Like today, one company makes the seats for the trucks while another produces the carburetors. A national economic boon was soon to follow. While the automobile industry did not create the economic windfall the diligence of the manufacturers were given credit for some of it.

By researching the strengths and weaknesses of the industry one can see how automobile makers have influenced the economy as well are subjected to the highs and lows. The opportunities for growth in this industry is abundant, with the rise in gas prices the prospect of creating a vehicle that would be acceptable using alternative fuel or even solar powered engine would garner more than a fair share of...