Automotive safety: how to prevent accidents and injuries

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Every day there are numerous automotive accidents that occur everywhere. In many of these accidents there are people either injured or killed. Of these people, many are injured or killed because of safety devices either not existing, poorly designed, or improperly used. Automotive manufacturers each year work to make their vehicles safer than the past years and to be safer than other manufacturers. There are always new safety devices coming out like side curtain airbags and auto braking systems but these accidents still occur and many people are still injured. With many accidents happening from careless driving how can we stop people from being hurt or dying?

Each year in the United States there are thousands of people that are either injured or killed as a result of an automotive accident. There is an abundance of information on this topic from government organizations, and different companies, and every year new information becomes available to the public.

What exactly are the percentages for car crashes and casualties associated with them? With each new year the safety equipment that is designed for motorized vehicles becomes more advanced to help prevent injury or the accidents all together. The new equipment is usually created because of the competitions that vehicle manufactures have each year where they actually compete to see who can create the safest vehicles. Why are there still high percentages of the car crash victims injured even with laws forcing proper use of safety devices? This report will also provide some theoretical ideas on what to do about vehicle safety. With such an enormous amount of research on this topic, not all information can be included in this report and a lot of the information on the topic was not included due to credibility of the source.

What are the statistics...