The Battle of the Allia River

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In the 121st year of the republic of Rome and 365th year of the city, Rome was being ruled by Military Tribunes, who had the power of consuls, called Consular Tribunes. There were 6 of these military powers, 3 from the Fabii Clan. This clan originated as the envoys of Clusium, a Etruscan city, who at the time were being pressured by the Gauls, a northern tribe, to hand over territory. The city of Clusium, needing urgent help, sent the envoys to Rome, who was the strongest city in the area. The Gauls threatened to fight for the territory if it was not handed over willingly. When Rome asked what right they had to the land, the Gauls answered that it was the weapons they carried. The Gauls believed that peace was a goal but that war was the only way to obtain peace.

Outside Clusium, the Clusines and the Romans met with the Gaul army, called the Senones.

There, the Gauls were slaughtered, not even standing a chance against the opposing force. The Gauls enraged, realised who their true enemy was. Rome. They retreated from Clusium. The Gauls hoping to punish the 3 envoys of Clusium, sent an embassy to the Roman Senate. Even though the Senate knew that the envoys were the cause of the war, they could not be punished due to their immense popularity. Their popularity soon became so great that the envoys became the Tribunal Consuls. There names from there on became famous. Kaeso Fabius Ambustus, Quintus Fabius Ambustus, and Numerius Fabius Ambustus. This only further enraged the Gauls and at the end of spring, the Gauls moved south towards Rome. Soon, the Romans were informed of the Gauls presenceby the towns passed through by the Gauls and sent an army said to...