The battle of gettysburg.

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The Battle of Gettysburg


On the warm morning of July 1st, 1863, a small Union Calvary unit came across two group of forwarding confederate troops. With breech loading carbines, the Union troops were capable of getting off eight shots per minute to the Confederate's three. In spite of smaller numbers, the Union's skills held the Confederates at bay. Quickly both sides called for reinforcements, and the Battle picked up.

-The Beginning-

That first day, several thousand federals managed to make it up Cemetery Ridge, a lookout over the field. By nightfall, the federals had a defensive line 3½ miles long, following landmarks of the area, (which is now to be the Gettysburg Cemetery). The Union had a benefit in this battle. They were on the defensive, on their own turf.

The confederates had assembled an impressive force, about 50,000 men, to the federals 60,000 on Seminary Ridge, and another 20,000 in transit.

Lee quotes that night, "The enemy is here, if we do not whip him, he will whip us."

-Union's victorious-

By the start of day two, over 75,000 confederate forces were positioned along seminary ridge, an edge of wooded area parallel to the union's defenses along Cemetery Ridge and Culp's hill. Lee started off the day with a full attack against the well positioned northern troops with a 150 gun hit That was quickly answered with a one hundred cannon hit. The north decided to save ammo and wait for the following enemy.

Early tried to take Culp's hill, but was determinedly shocked by the defending Unionists.

As the second day wound to an end, it was obvious that the Union was still in one piece, although worn out, they had grown victorious.

-Picket's Charge-

Day three can practically called the turning point of the war. It...