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INTRODUCTION: (2 Min.) 1. GAIN ATTENTION: In December of 1814, 11,000 to 14,450 of Great Britain's finest troops were lead to destroy a much smaller force of 3,500 to 5,000 United States troops. This was part of the War of 1812 that was fought from June 1812 to the spring of 1815. The War of 1812 was considered a second war for independence with its high point being the Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815. Under the command of General Andrew Jackson the Marines soundly defeated British forces that were attacking the city of New Orleans. The British lost approximately 2,000 men while American losses were less 100. Thereafter, Great Britain finally recognized the United States as an independent nation with the power to defend itself.

2. OVERVIEW: The purpose of this period of instruction is to familiarize the student with the basic history of the significance on the Battle of New Orleans. To do this we will cover and discuss the actions that lead to the Battle of New Orleans, military strategies and finally the outcome. This period of instruction is in relation to Marine Corps history.

3. INTRODUCE LEARNING OBJECTIVES: a. TERMINAL LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Without the aid of notes and in accordance with the United States Marine Corps-Battle Drill Guide book 1, describe the Battle of New Orleans.

b. ENABLING LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Without the aid of notes and in accordance with the reference: (1) State why the Battle of New Orleans took place. (CPLX1.1a) (2) State the military strategies of enemy and friendly forces. (CPLX1.1b) (3) State the outcome of the Battle of New Orleans. (CPLX1.1c) 4. METHOD/MEDIA: I will present this material using the lecture method, with the aid of placards.

5. EVALUATION: There will not be a post test after...