Bead Bar Development Project

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Bead Bar Systems Development Project

William Ward

Axia College of University of Phoenix

IT205 Management of Information Systems

Jim Marion, Ph.D.

March 16, 2008




Bead Bar is a business that was founded in 1998 by Meredith S. It began as a bead bar studio in New Canaan, Connecticut where customers can sit at a bar and create necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry. Bead Bar not only sells the beads and accessories but provides instruction to the customers as well. The company currently has three divisions; studios, franchises, and Bead Bar on Board. This includes six studios, five franchises, and the Bead Bar on Board which is a transportable version that is designed for cruise ships; it can be placed on ship decks or in a lounge. The franchise division sells a complete beading supply package to those that want to open their own Bead Bar studio.

The company currently employs 15 full-time employees and about 20 part-time employees, and has average revenue of $1.5 million over the last three years.

The company is currently using paper-bases forms, which is causing problems such as lost orders, incorrect invoicing, an order fulfillment delays. With the growth of the company and the technology available today, Meredith (CEO and founder) wants to convert to a completely electronic system that will allow the company run more efficiently and help them grow. In this paper we will select and implement an Information Management System product to automate many functions for all departments in Bead Bar. Along with providing a systems solution, Bead Bar's goal of a global market will be addressed enabling the company to enter the e-commerce arena.

We will recommend computer and software systems that will allow them to transition from a...