The beauty of Literature (personal essay)

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It seems that whenever a new movie comes out, there is a great book behind it. Have Hollywood's writers and directors run out of original ideas, or is it because it is a huge marketing scheme? Despite the reason, I am extremely tired of seeing timeless classics being massacred by the careless hands of movie directors. The fact is that no medium is superior to another, but the attempt of portraying a book by a movie, or any other medium for that matter, is a stab in the back, sloppy and disgraceful.

The satisfaction of finishing a book cannot be simulated by any other activity. Anyone who has read a great book will tell you about the feelings which you get only as you shut a book for the very last time. It is a feeling of wistful satisfaction. It saddens you right down to the pit of your stomach, as if it was a summer romance that has come to an end.

The feeling, which you get after finishing watching a movie, simply does not compare, you'll be lucky if you feel anything at all.

Ultimately, you develop an intimate relationship with your books, a relationship which exceeds others. It becomes your best friend and your greatest lover. A book is there for better or for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health till death do you part. Now how could you have this great connection with a movie. It is absolutely impossible. A film could not provide you with the warmth and comfort which you experience when you curl up by the fire drinking hot coco and reading your favorite novel. The experience of watching a movie will never be as grand and powerful as the experience of reading a book.

Another thing that differs...