Bill of Rights

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Bill Of Rights

Josh Konkolics


Throughout the history of the United State of America many events have been seen and passed, all to leave their mark with our nation. As time ages people change along with our government. Many of these changes occur in our government affect our daily lives. Impacts of these changes are a direct result of our ever changing Amendments, which our Founding Fathers laid upon us. The Constitution said by many to have "stood the test of time" has lasted through many centuries through the use of the ever flexible amendments.

During the earlier eras of the United States of America, few had hope in the idea of a government with a central power in the thoughts of the confederates. Although time in and time out this idea seems to be banished within the shadows of the proven government. The constitution changing frequently in order to adapt to quickness American life.

By the use of amendments the Bill of rights are extended and modified to mold and shape to the society and it's nearby surrounding. Ideas conveying the change include the 13th Amendment which put an end to slavery and all of its extensions in 1865. The southern states of the nation were allowed to enforce unwilling labor at little or no cost at all to the owners. By the end of the inhuman tradition suggested the nation was snowballing into revolution of change which allowed the government prove their ability to keep current with society. Along with the gaining of Blacks rights and the abolishment of slavery came the granted right of voting. Black citizens were barred from voting until late 1870's. The 15th amendment officially protected the Black man right to vote and also allowed congress to "pass laws needed to enforce this...