A biography or the author Arthur Miller

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Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller, an American writer of the twentieth century, he was famous for his screen writings and early year plays. He was born on October 17, 1915 in New York City, New York, where him, his mom, Agusta, and his dad, Isadore, lived.

Arthur Miller's childhood wasn't the most exciting part of his life but it did have some interesting parts to it. When Arthur Miller was eleven, he had to go through his Barmitsfa. When he was in high school, the great depression started and he and his family who were middle- upper class people, fell down to almost nothing. His father's small coat manufacturing business, during the depression was the only thing keeping his family up, but it soon fell apart and filed bankruptcy. It had gotten so bad that his family had to start selling off their luxuries to pay for the bills.

When he was in high school, he played for his football team every year but in his last year he suffered an injury that made it so he couldn't enroll in the Army.

In 1932, Arthur Miller graduated from high school and set out to get a job so he could pay for collage tuition. It wasn't easy finding a job since he was Jewish but he finally found one. His first job was at an auto parts warehouse in Brooklyn. After that job he went to work in a box factory which paid him more money and allowed him to gain enough money to start collage. In 1934, he enrolled into the University of Michigan and immediately started writing for the collage newspaper. He also got a job there as a custodian for a lab that held several hundred mice. During the mid-year break of his sophomore year,