A biography about the Chernobyl accident. I did it for science, but you can use it for anything. I can be used for science, history, and English.

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In Chernobyl, USSR, now known now as Ukraine, on Monday April 26, 1986, a reactor of the nuclear power plant had a meltdown. This accident released millions of radioactive isotopes into the air of the Ukraine and other countries eastern, and northern east to Chernobyl. People had to evacuate the Chernobyl area because of the risk of radioactive exposure. Chernobyl has become a metaphor not for the horror of uncontrolled nuclear power, but also for the collapsing Soviet system and its reflexive sectecy and deception, disregard for the safety and welfare of workers and their families, and inability to deliver basic services such as health care and transportation, especially in critical crisis situations. This has 5 web sites and 1 video in biography. It also has a speech inside. It also has a quiz to quiz the class for extra credit. My teach asked for an Introduction, What happened, Why this is a problem, and conclustion.

This is soppose to be a environmental problem essay on Chernobyl.