The Black Panthers Influence On Reform And Society

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The Black Panthers Influence on Reform and Society Oswaldo Ortiz Introduction to Sociology In a time when blacks were considered the inferior species, a civil rights movement was forming. The pieces were falling into place as the masses came out to fight for the cause to live freely and equally to their white counterparts. Each day a new gathering was held in order to secure the future of all people. Many of the gatherings helped to spark the creation of activists groups. Already, the NAACP, CORE (Congress of Racial Equality), NUL (National Urban League), and SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) were highly involved in the fight to unify a broken land. Many others, such as church groups and community groups, were also joining in on the cause. Then in 1966 a group out of Oakland, California was formed. The Black Panther Party was a militant group that was formed by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale (Redding N-104).

The group had its own style and influence on the way that the civil rights movement was going to be fought.

The Panthers preached a revolutionary Marxist philosophy with the goal to achieve justice for Black Americans. The Panthers felt that society had built a wall around its economic and political system to disallow blacks from achieving higher goals than what they were (Downey B-247). They helped to preach self- determination and self-empowerment to their people. They felt that African- Americans had a right to run their own lives. They had to better themselves and prove to the government that they had the right to be free of all the corruption that took place against their people (Gober). The Black Panthers were not just into the preaching aspect of the movement. They were also into taking action. Many in the Party...