Book of Esther

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David Laylock

Humanities 102: Biblical Revelations

Dr. Meng

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Esther is about the girl who came to be the queen of Persia. It is a book that gives her story of how she became sovereign, starting out during a banquet that lasted one hundred and eighty days. This banquet was put on by the wealthy King Xerxes to show off to people the power and fortune that he held. The queen, at the time, denied to appear at this banquet and was ordered to be put to death, because of how angry the King was at this. The pursuit for a new queen is now on. This is where Esther comes into play. Esther was in a Beauty pageant put on by King Xerxes, and the king chose her to be queen. During this time, Mordecai stops an attempt to murder King Xerxes.

Recorded in the kings' book of chronicles is Mordecai's endeavor, but does not get compensated though. Haman becomes the kings' viceroy, and Haman is a very selfish individual, always putting himself first. Mordecai refuses to bow down to Haman when all inhabitants of Shushan have to, and this enrages Haman so he issues a decree to execute all Jews, including Mordecai.

After all this, Haman then misleads the king into issuing an edict to sentence all Jews. Mordecai tells Esther about the edict, and convinces her to put her life in jeopardy so that she may protect all her people from this. Esther develops a strategy to get the job done. She prepared a fancy banquet for King Xerxes and Haman. The king tells Esther that she may have whatever she wants, and she just says she wants the king and Haman to come to a second...