A book report on "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck.

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Of Mice and Men a novel by John Steinbeck is an interesting book about an unlikely pair and how they got a farm of their own. George who is short and straight to the point. Lennie who is a man of tremendous size yet has the mind of a young child. They meet a lot of nice people and one nasty one when they go to work at a farm to raise enough money to get to where they wanted to go. This is an interesting book by John Steinbeck.

George is a person that doesn't like to get into any trouble. Lennie and him are trying to make a stake so that they can one day own a little farm of their own. He takes care of Lennie because he told Lennie's aunt that he would. George use to make fun of Lennie because he was slow. He stopped doing that when he told Lennie to jump into a lake to show off, but Lennie couldn't swim and he nearly drowned to death.

George likes to play card games. He usually plays solitaire when he is talking to someone or listening to a story.

Lennie is a big guy with not a lot of sense. He got into trouble in the last town that he was in because he wasn't thinking. He grabbed a girl's dress. He didn't mean to scare her all he wanted to do was to feel what the dress was like. When the girl screamed Lennie got sacred and wouldn't let go until George slapped him a couple times. The girl went and told the cops that he raped her so him and George had to leave town. Lennie isn't a very mean guy; in fact he is very gentle in nature. He likes...