Buddhism in Tibet

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Harry Denoncourt

Professor Hoffman

22 October 2014

Global Human Issues

Tibetan Diary

The Tibetan Diary written by Geoff Childs this book is a non-fiction book about the Tibetan village lifestyle. The author focuses on the struggles of their society and their complex cultural. The author goes into further detail about the everyday lifestyle of Tibetan people living in the Nubri Valley in Nepal. Geoff Childs goes into the struggle that the people have to deal with having to decide between individual aspirations and cultural norms. The book is mostly about Geoff Child's trips to Nubri Valley from 1995 to 2000 where he observed and analyzed the culture.

The author does an excellent job of story telling his journey's when he explored the Tibetan villages. He also does a very good job of going back and forth between is reactions to what he is seeing and still keeping unbiased opinion. In the Nubri Valley the Tibetan people are extremely religious.

The main point of this book is to talk about how Buddhism plays a major role in society and how society deals with the different stages of Buddhism.

The Tibetan people do not like outsiders visiting them. They call foreigners "gyemi." So when Geoff Childs finally made it to the Nubri Valley he was met with some strange looks by the village people. A day into his trip a Tibet government official came to the Nubri Valley and questioned why he was here. The official seemed shocked that Geoff Childs wanted to study these people, he called the Tibet villagers a derogatory terms called "bhotary." Eventually with the help of the villagers they government official left and Geoff Childs was able to study the Tibet villagers.

Buddhism has rapidly across India and other part of the world like places like Afghanistan...