How to Build a Time Machine - Book Report

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Have you ever thought of going back to the past, or visit the future? Is time travel really possible? Perhaps this book can give you the answer. This book is called How to Build a Time Machine, written by Paul Davies, a professor of theoretical Physics.

Quantum mechanics and relativity are the two laws of physics that govern time travel. Explanation in this book is mainly based on Einstein’s theory of relativity. This theory concluded that time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter. To explain it simply, if we want to travel into the future, all we need to do is to build a machine that moves close to the velocity of light. However, traveling to the past is rather difficult, but still possible. You may think, if time travel is possible, there maybe someone coming from the future.

Did you heard about John Titor? He appeared on a public forum on Nov of 2000, and said that he was a time traveler from 2036, he posted pictures of his time machine and its operations manual on the forum, he also told us things that would happened in the future, and it really happened, like the mad cow disease in 2003, the tsunami in 2004.

Finally he returned to the future at March of 2001, and disappeared. No one can determine whether he is a fake or not. However, the story of John Titor stimulates people to think about time travel.

Relativity used to be a complex subject, however Paul Davis makes everything easier to understand. He presents the method to build a time machine with illustrations of components and descriptions of the process involved step-by-step. Time machine looks realistic sometimes, but actually it is a paradox logically. For example, if a time traveler...