Can Russia Form a Stable Democracy?

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The breakup of the USSR on December 25th, 1991 changed the world forever. It ended the Cold War, a isolation of two types of governments for decades. It also ended the Communist legacy- Communism had fallen and democracy was set to take its place. Concern arose, however, in the fact that Russia has never in written history experienced a democratic rule. The general opinion around the world of Russian democracy under Boris Yeltsin is that it did not live up to par, in the economic, social, and political realms. The question is whether or not today's Russia, led by President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, can form a stable democracy for Russia in the future. From analyzing the economic, political, and sociopersonal improvements Russia has made in the past few years, it is evident that Russia can and will form a stable democracy. This paper will break down and explore the various reasons why the future of democracy in Russia will be a stable, secure, and prosperous one.

It is apparent that since 1991, Russia has undergone changes in nearly every aspect of its society, including the economic, political, and social/personal spheres of Russian life. According to Professor of Political Science at UC-Irvine Rein Taagepera, "Russia is undergoing three revolutions simultaneously: democratization, marketization, and de-colonization. Each separately imposes major stress, and together they have become overwhelming." While focusing at the present moment on democratization and marketization, it should be noted that Russia has experienced quite a bit of turbulence since ending its Communist reign twelve years ago. The current economy, however, has drastically improved since its near collapse in 1998. Taagepera interestingly states, "Democratization and marketization seem inextricably linked...Democratization presumes steps to break up the economic monopoly of state enterprises. Marketization, in turn, requires democracy." If this is...