Canada's Contribution to WWII

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Many people know little about Canada's large contribution to World War II and the efforts many Canadians made. Nearly everyone helped out in this war and thanks to the determination of those involved, the allies were victorious in defeating Hitler. Allied victory in World War II was in large part aided by Canadian involvement in the form of women contributing to the war effort, the British Commonwealth Air Training Program (or BCATP), and Canada's change in economy.

World War II was a time of opportunity for some, none more significant than that of Canadian women. Women were finally given the chance to work in positions once controlled by men, whether it was working on the farmland, in factories building war supplies, driving trucks, buses, taxis and streetcars, or as construction workers. Without the support of Canadian women, the men would have had to do the work at home, which meant there would be fewer soldiers available to fight in Europe and less products being made.

Thanks to the hard efforts of Canadian women in the time of war, many felt their presence and appreciated their hard work. Women who worked in this time may have also helped pave the way for other women who have successful careers presently and are so well recognized by many.

Another huge contribution to Allied victory would be the British Air Commonwealth Training Program, otherwise known as the BCATP. Some may argue that this was the most significant and successful Canadian involvement in the war effort. The BCATP was under the control of the Royal Canadian Air Force and was designed to train pilots, navigators, and other air personnel. Training bases could be found all over Canada and were used to successfully produce 50 000 pilots, 25 000 navigators, and 57 000 other air crew...