Canadian Diversity and it's effect on the rest of the world

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Diversity is the will to live with others of different nations. In today's societies that will not always accept the rest of the world because that society cannot accept change is no reason for other society's to follow that lead. Societies that have established themselves as diverse nations already are blossoming into noble nations with different types of ideas and peoples. Canada has identified itself, from the beginning of European exploration, that it will be a nation of its own, with: a small population, a great land mass and abundant goals and dreams for a truly great land. To some, the idea of diversity is ridiculous and a sort of taboo. To many, the idea of diversity is an example of Canada's strong identity in this ever increasing sophisticated world. It is helping Canada take the world by storm, showing that the nations of the world can still live in peace with each other without violence.

In a way Canada is slightly like a mini type of world; A representation of what our world could be like if it bonded the same way that Canadians did with each other. The strength that Canada has gained and triumphed with, on its journey through nationhood, has been a determining factor in what type of country it will turn out to be. Always will this be a factor, in determining how long the roots of this country strengthen; strengthen enough to keep us in the mind of the world. We owe this all to diversity, to the centuries of changes which have made us unite as a country while keeping our individual cultures, languages and values. Without diversity we would not be what we are today. Diversity is a strength to Canada. Diversity exhibits not only how to interact with our type of...