Capital Punishment: The Golden Rule.

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The Golden Rule

Dying is a horrifying topic, and death is a scary issue. None of us want our love ones dead, but what happens if they are murdered or run over by a reckless drunk driver? Should all these killers pay the price for what they did by going to prison? Or should their live be terminated as a consequence for their actions? This is a hot issue of whether we should keep the capital punishment or abandon it. When serial killers are committing a crime they never think of themselves as being the victim of death someday. Capital punishment is one of the many ways to teach murderers that for every action there is a consequence. Everyone has the right to live. No one has the right to take another human's life just because he feels like doing so. These murderers should be punished, with the penalty of death, because the death penalty not only values people's life but also shows justice under democracy.

Most people are afraid of killing and dying, and I agree death is a very sensitive issue. Death penalty opponents think of that capital punishment is barbaric. However, giving the murderers a taste of what they've done in return is not what you would called barbaric. When justice has not been fully exercised and carried out then we would call it barbaric. The death penalty is a justice system available to punish serial killers, and it is applied in a nondiscriminatory way.

In America, the death penalty is applied in a non-discriminatory manner. This is to assure that convicted murderers do not kill again. Opponents of capital punishment might have the idea that since it is applied to everyone, and what happen if we accidentally executed an innocent person. Since we have a...