Capitalism vs. Marxism/Communism

Essay by Robkatz September 2004

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Capitalism vs. Marxism

Many people see Marxism or Communism as an inhumane economic system. When the word Communism is used people think of corrupt government systems in Asia, dictatorships, and enslavement. When, in fact, the economic structure of Marxism would improve the quality of life for the general population, and allow everyone to be equal not only in mind but socially and economically, as well. Quality of life in an ideal Marxist society would be completely equal for everyone. Everyone would have; enough food, a house, a job, health care, etc.; the basic necessities of life. Social and economic equality is an implied concept in ideal Marxism. Everyone would work not to earn money so they could buy more possessions, but to help do their part to better the community. If everyone truly worked just for the betterment of society eventually all stereotypes of all ethnic groups would dissolve with the generations they were created in.

Also, with economic equality social classes would disappear providing everyone with the same social status. All people would be free to think, feel, believe, act, dress, and be what ever they wanted to without being judged by society.

Karl Marx was a teacher, idealist, and philosopher and his ideas are still discussed today. His most famous work is "The Communist Manifesto" which was published in 1848 during the French Revolution and a year after a revolution in Germany. "The Communist Manifesto" was the compilation of all of Marx's ideas and philosophies on the political, social, and economical aspects of Marxism. His book prospered during that time because of his idealist views and the people's state of mind during the revolutions. They desperately needed to see that there was a government system that could give them the social status and quality of life...