"Cask of Amontillado" by Allen Poe.

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To whom it may concern,

My name is Montressor. I am old and going to die therefore I want to confess my crime. Fifty some years ago, in time being, my friend, Fortunato, but now my enemy has married a woman I once loved. I had to have revenge with impunity as my family's motto was. I made a plan. On the night of season carnival I had to lure Fortunato into my catacombs and kill him.

As I planned, 50 years ago, I came to the season carnival at the dusk. Fortunato had connoisseurship in great wine and he loved it every bit. I had to refer to it so I can lure him into the cave. I met Fortunato shortly after my arrival. He met me with his excessive drinking warmth. I was time to proceed. I told him that I had a pipe of amontillado. He was surprised and excited. I also made him believe that I needed to test it if it was or was not truly amontillado. He believed me as I spoke.

I told Fortunato that he was busy and had fun so I would just go to Luchresi. Fortunato was proud of himself so he wanted to come with me. I led him to my catacombs and killed him. He was foolish even though I gave him so many hints.

Years after I laughed and enjoyed my revenge just as I did when I killed him. I was so brilliant when killing him. I planned everything. It was the perfect crime.

Fortunato never though that that was I who is going to kill him because of that he never knew that I loved the his wife before he married him.