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Catharism was a religion that persisted through out Montaillou. They had great

beliefs about God, the Virgin Mary, and life in itself. They viewed Mary spiritually.

Some Cathers viewed her differently from others. Some considered her mother of the

earth and cults were founded in honor of her name. Different patron saints were

acknowledged through out the calendar year. Sacraments were made to these patrons and

rituals were celebrated for their memories.

Homage to the twelve apostles was also greatly celebrated in Montaillou. Each of

the twelve apostles had a different region that celebrated their memory . There were also

churches built in their names. St. Peter was the most popular amongst the Apostles. All

saints day was a very important event that the citizens in Montaillou celebrated.

Baptism was universally practiced and reaffirmed the belief of Catharism. In the

Cathar belief, everyone is born with original sin.

The sacrament of Baptism paid for the

original sin of the person being baptized. In the Cathar belief, everyone is born with

original sin. The people of Montaillou also associated forgiveness of sins with confession.

Citizens ate communion and went confession at least once every year.

Prophecies about the end of the world also spread within Catharism. Many

believed that there one day would be heaven on earth. Cathars waited for judgment day

and held the notion of heaven and hell. Anti Jewish sentiment was also prevalent in


In conclusion, Catharism was a belief that began in Montaillou in the thirteenth

century. It kept updating itself when newer doctrines were found. Christianity was a great

influence in the religion and believers of Catharism borrowed many beliefs of Orthodox

Roman religion and applied it to their religion. Catharism effected people's lives

tremendously. It made them make sacrifices...