Causes of the American Revolution

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The War for American Independence was not caused simply by only one event. This war was a result from a combination of events that built up rebellion within the colonies. The overall cause of the War for American independence was the fact that the British constantly enforced upon the colonists taxes and regulation. As time went on, the fact that the colonies were thousands of miles away from England caused the colonists to strive for independence. Two significant reasons that created a rift between the colonies and Britain, eventually leading to the Revolutionary War were the Navigation acts and the Stamp act.

The Navigation Acts were passed during the 1650's. They regulated the trade of the colonies. These acts made sure that business between the colonies was carried on by British merchants and ships rather than the Dutch or any merchants. While the colonies did accept these acts, this was mostly because of the fact that the acts were not enforced too well.

After the transfer of power of the Glorious Revolution, Britain began to allow the colonies much more economic freedom, but only because they had better things to do than control the colonies. This period was called the "salutary neglect." After French and Indian War ended and the Treaty of Paris was signed, most of the British forces in America left. The leaving of the British army caused the wartime economy to nearly fail. Also, Britain was also in enormous debt from the war. They needed to discover a way to make back their lost money. The British government established their way to increase their income; through the colonies. By ending the salutary neglect and powerfully enforcing the Navigation Acts as well as creating several new taxation acts, Britain hoped in increasing their profits and regaining their lost...