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Censorship Our society has become to focused on censorship and has not focused enough on the real problems we face day to day. Through television the main focus is on what the programmers can and cannot get away with. The society has made censorship to important and while doing this they lose track of what is really important. Some scenes from the terrorist attracts will not be shone on television because "they" fell the clips are too graphic and that it might cause emotional distress. I think that it is important for us to see what is really happening in this world today and that it might help some of us in the long run. By realizing what is really at stake we might learn haw to take less for granite. I also feel that through the television shows we can see how corrupt this world has become and we might notice our own sins and try to do something about them.

In the end I think that censorship is holding us back as a society and it is keeping us from bettering our selves. I say "let society see what is really wrong with it weather it be violent, perverted, or just plane disgusting."