The Change in the Congress of Vienna

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The Congress of Vienna was held in order to prepare a plan to modify Europe politically and territorially to prevent the expansion of any one great power, such as that of Napoleon. Creating "balance of power" among the nations of Europe, restoring conservative regimes, preventing France from expansion and reaching an agreement to cooperate with each other were the goals of the Congress which illustrated the attitude of the representatives present and supported the overall purpose of preventing future widespread conflict.

The Congress of Vienna supported the resolution, "There is always an alternative to conflict." Europe had had enough of war in 1814. The rulers put aside their differences to work on a peaceful settlement. Their goal was to prevent future wars and conflicts, which they achieved for many years. When conflicts occurred in the Congress, they were always resolved peacefully.

Many of the disputes were settled and France was restored.

The Bourbon monarchy was brought back to France; however an absolute monarchy was prevented. Restoring the Bourbon monarchy brought stability to France and surrounding nations for war did not occur. Normal relations between the countries could occur because of the peace and stability; therefore the congress put together a system of international connections between European countries.

In addition to creating a balance of power and containing France, the final agreement at Vienna demonstrated designs for Europe in that the Concert of Europe was organized. This was the first international group to attempt to deal with European affairs, the main purpose of the Concert was to preserve the balance of power and protect conservative governments from being overthrown.

The Congress of Vienna settlement was the most comprehensive settlement that Europe had ever seen, the configuration of Europe established at the congress lasted for more than 40 years. The changes...