Chapter Summaries of Steinbeck's "The Pearl"

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Chapter One

It is morning. Kino awakens. Juana is already awake and looking at her Husband. They eat, drink, and do other things in their normal routine. Kino sees a scorpion on the ropes that hold up his son's, Coyotito's, crib. Kino tries to stop the scorpion but the baby shakes the ropes and the scorpion falls on the baby and stings him. Kino kills the scorpion and Juana tries to suck out the poison. Everybody in their little seaside village comes because of the baby's cries. Juana screams for someone to get the doctor but they said he would not come. The whole town rushes to the doctor's estate with Juana leading. When everyone gets there, asks the servant to tell the doctor what has happened. The doctor refers to them as animals and the servant tells Kino and everyone else that the doctor is not there. Kino is so mad he blooded his fist by striking the gate.

Chapter Two

It is the next day and Kino is going pearl fishing. That is basically what all the indigenous people in this part of the world do. Juana and Coyotito join Kino for the trip. Kino uses a canoe his father gave to him and his grandfather bought. It is the only thing Kino and Juana own of value. Coyotito shoulder is swollen from the sting. Coyotito never got any stomach cramps, which was a good sign. Kino uses 2 ropes. One rock is tied around a rock and the other around a basket. Kino drops the rock over board and he slips his foot around a loop to keep himself underwater. He quickly put as many of the oysters into the basket as he could. Kino saw a hidden, ancient oyster. Before going up, took it.