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Charles Darwin pioneered the path for evolution. Darwin was born in 1809, in Shrewsbury. He was born to a distinguished family of doctors and his grandfathers were the leading scientific figures of their time. Eramus, who was Darwin's paternal grandfather inspired and influenced Darwin to become a great scientist too. Darwin would eventually challenge the traditional views of his time. He pioneered the universal theory of evolution and gave the best explanation on how evolution works. Darwin developed the theory of natural selection, which he argued was the key mechanism of evolution.

Darwin's early education did not inspire him and he was quite bored with his studies. In 1818, Darwin entered the Shrewsbury school for seven years. There he was taught an education that was mostly composed of classical subjects. Darwin did not enjoy his time at the school and thought the education he received did not help develop his mind.

In 1825, he left the school to attend the University of Edinburgh to study Medicine. After two years Darwin left the University because he found little interest Medicine. Darwin enjoyed nature a great deal more. The only meaningful thing that came out of his studies at Edinburgh was his introduction to he theories of Lamarck that Darwin would latter correct. In the following year he would develop his interests in the natural sciences. In 1828, with his father's approval Darwin started to attend Cambridge University to become a clergyman. Once more he showed little interest in his studies apart from Euclidian geometry and natural theology. For the duration of time Darwin spent most of his time collecting beetles, discussing Botany and geology with the help of his cousin, William Darwin Fox. Darwin made great friends with a man named Henslow. Henslow inspired him to pursue his interests and Darwin...