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Charles Dickens one of the best writers ever, was born on February 7, 1812 in Landport, Hampshire. He was born during the new industrial age, the son of John and Elizabeth Dickens.

Charles' father served as a clerk at the Naval Pay Office. The family was experiencing very hard financial difficulties during this time. In 1824, John Dickens, Elizabeth Dickens and Charles' siblings were sent to prison for the accrued debt. While the family members remained imprisoned at Marshalea Debtor's Prison, Charles' at the age of 12 was compelled to work at Warrens Blackening Factory in Hungerford Market, London. Charles also continued his studies at Wellington House Academy from 1824-1827 until the age of 15.

Afterwards he became a law office clerk then worked as a shorthand reporter at Doctors Common Courts.

In 1829, Charles became a free-lance writer for the Doctors Common Courts; he began work as a writer for the newspaper at age 18.

Charles met and fell in love with Maria Beadnell, the daughter of a banker. Their relationship lasted only four years. Her parents believed them not to be a good match.

In 1833, Charles' first story was published. "The Pickwick Papers" and sketches by "BOZ." Other stories and sketches by Charles followed the first in the same year. Later that year, John Dickens was once again arrested for debt and Charles immediately came to his father's aide. Charles' parents and brothers eventually turned against Charles and chased constantly after his money.

In 1836, Charles received a second chance at love, and he married the daughter of his best friend, Catherine Hogart. They married on April 2, 1836. Some people suspected that Charles was fonder of Catherine's sisters than of Catherine. However, Charles and Catherine had ten children together during their marriage. They eventually separated...