How Chauser shows dislike for characters in canterbury tales

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In Chausers "Canterbury Tales" he shows his dislike for certain characters by the way he describes their physical appearance and the way they act towards other people and the way they act in more personal aspects. Chaucer was not reprimanded for talking about people he did because he did it in the "literary state". This essay will focus on three different people he shows dislike for by the way he describes them.

The Wife of Bath does not seem to be a favorite of his, although he seems to like her figure he seems not to like her personality. You would almost think of her as a husband killer as she had five husbands and each of them died, and quickly after she remarried. She seems to be a modern day black widow. Her face was bold and she always wore large hats, perhaps to hides her tentacles. She had large rolling hips and seems to be appealing.

Chaucer does not seem to be particularly against her he just seems to be annoyed wit her her all together. His style of writing changes when he speaks of her, as though she is an offensive type of female.

The Friar is a man who does not care about his fellow humans. He is an immoral man and cares only about himself and his fortune. Although he could have a large fortune he squanders his money on things of no importance. He becomes a beggar and does no one any good. He is a sore on the community's heel. Chaucer shows his dislike by the way he describes him as an "immoral man concerned largely with profit rather than turning men away from sin. His tale is an attack on the wickedness of summonses".

The cook is a man who has violent...