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ERNESTO GUEVARA 1928-1967 Biografia de un revolucionario Socialista.

This document presents a chronological biography of Che Guevara, focussing on the features that pushed him to take part and action in the political problematic of Latin America, and which caused him to be universally known as revolutionary guerrilla leader.

Guevara's life has been influenced mainly by the poor conditions of the Latin-American inhabitants. His politics and strategy evolved within a Marxist-Leninist framework. But unlike Fidel Castro, Guevara did not choose politics as his profession. He originally hoped to excel in some branch of medical research. But travelling throughout Latin-America he was shocked by the misery, hunger and illness of the people and by the lack of adequate medical facilities.

Ernesto Guevara de La Serna was born in Rosario, Argentina, on June the 14, 1928. At two years old he developed asthma from which he suffered all his life, even if the family moved to the drier climate of Alta Gracia Cordoba) his health did not improve.

He received the primary education at home, mostly by his mother, Celia de La Serna.

He was impressed by the Spanish Civil War refugees in Argentina, and by the continuos long series of squalid political crises, which culminated in the Left Fascist dictatorship of Juan Peron, to whom the de La Sernas were opposed. These events influenced the idealism of the young Guevara on the equality of the political democracy, making him hate the military politicians and the Army, the capitalist oligarchy and above all the US imperialism. Although his parents were anti-Peronist activists, he did not take part in any revolutionary academic movement, showing little interest in politics at Buenos Aires University (1947), where he studied medicine, initially with a view to understand his own disease, later he became more interested in leprosy. In...