The Chemical Way Or The High Way!

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In an era of technical and medical breakthroughs, the lives of thousands of people are being prolonged. The field of HIV research is, perhaps, the area which some of the greatest advances have been made over recent years. Everyday, people who doubted the fact that they would live to see another sunrise are praising the scientist responsible for the prolonging of their lives. However, is there more to this than the general public knows? According to Robert M. May of Oxford University, "early treatment with drugs such as Zidovudine (AZT) may increase AIDS infection and deaths in certain populations" (Cowen, Science News). The purpose of this essay is to give you an insight of the negative aspects of AIDS treatment. I am not here to discredit the use of modern AIDS treatment, or it's effectiveness. I will, however, give you the often overlooked perspective. The fact that a lot of HIV positive people enter treatment procedure oblivious to all the relevant information as well as to some of the consequences is intolerable.

By the time this essay is over I hope to have proven that perhaps the chemical way out is not the safest way out. I do realize that the issue at hand is a very sensitive one, not only from the perspective of the user of the drug, but also from that of the manufacturers and the FDA. I will, however, cover that area of controversy later on. I also plan to touch on related subjects that are relative to the production of AIDS drugs. By the end of this essay I plan to have come full circle, linking institutions to a lot of, not only unnecessary side effect, but also to high monetary cost suffered by society as a whole. In essence, I will try and...