Chen Shui Bian's false goodwill but real "Taiwan Independence"

Essay by sy_124 November 2004

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According to the news of Oct 12 from Macao Macao Daily published an editorial on Oct. 12, saying that the speech by Chen Shui Bian on Oct.10 has not only showed no goodwill for promoting peace talks across the Taiwan Straits but expressed further his idea for "Taiwan Independence", betraying his false feeling and play of tricks.

The Macao Daily editorial entitled "Chen Shui Bian's False Goodwill but Real "Taiwan Independence" says, Chen Shui Bian expressed in his speech that the two sides of the Taiwan Straits may seek "on the basis of '92 Hong Kong Talks" for a program which is "acceptable though not perfect". Chen Shui Bian said, this is an "expression of his goodwill". But when going over the speech we come to discover the so-called "goodwill" is no more than a superficial whitewash.

The editorial says, it's not difficult to tell the so-called "'92 talks" he mentioned is but a smokescreen.

With regard to the "one China" common recognition reached at the "'92 talks", Chen Shui Bian mentioned not a single word of it. If this doesn't mean an intentional evasion it must be an attempt for the replacement of the conception so as to make trouble of the water. The Chinese mainland has emphasized time and again that to recognize "one China" is the basis for the talk across the Taiwan Straits. So the only and deliberate explanation of Chen Shui Bian means that he doesn't have any intention to recognize the principle of "one China", nor wants he to talk at all.

The editorial says, why Chen Shui Bian wants to mention the "'92 talks"? The main reasons are the following three: one is to create atmosphere for the election of the "legislation council", another is to alleviate the heavy...