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Vice president Cheney has caused controversy by not giving the records to congress about a meeting that was held. Congress thinks that this act has weakened the presidency and this had not happened since Watergate. They also believe that it is a political mistake made by the president and the vice president for them to hide important information from Congress.

C ongress has filed a lawsuit. Their arguments is that GAO has not had legal right to ask for this document and executive privilege protect this kind of information. None of the other former presidents had a problem with giving this kind of information to Congress, therefore; the Congress is suspicious. The constitutional claim of executive power is weak. Bush is trying to strengthen the presidency during his term in office but this controversy is not helping him to accomplish this goal. Vice president Cheney will languish the efforts of the president to strengthen the presidency if he does not give up this valuable information.

T he president of the United States is strong in domestic issues. Congress let President Clinton veto one item, and they had supported President Carter throughout the issues in Iran. President Bush should just give them the information that the Congress wants. Instead of having the vice president weaken his presidency, Bush should take matter into his own hands and take care of the situation. If he steps up and gives the Congress the information about the meeting, Congress will let him slide away with some things. It is in Bush's benefit to let congress know the details about this meeting.

I think that the president should take matters into his own hands and release this information to Congress. Even though Cheney looks like he has something to hide, it would strengthen the presidency. Cheney will be in hot water in 6 years if he tries to run for president. Even in 2 years when Bush most likely runs for re-election this issue will pop up on their shoulders. If Bush decides to come clean it wouldn't effect him anymore it would be only Cheney's fault.