Chevrolet Domination In The Twentieth Century

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Running head: CHEVROLET DOMINATION Chevrolet Domination in the Twentieth Century Chevrolet Domination in the Twentieth Century and Beyond What is the typical American?s day like? The majority of Americans go to work. How do an average Americans get to work? Some drive their own vehicles, some walk, and some ride buses. Let?s focus on the ones who drive their own vehicles. Chances are they drive either a Chevrolet or a Ford, those two being the dominant auto makers in the United States. What better vehicle to drive than a Chevrolet? Chevrolet is one of the best automobile manufacturers in the United States, because Chevrolet overwhelms Ford in the areas of safety, performance, and popularity.

As is common knowledge, Ford was the first dominant automobile manufacturer. The Ford Motor Company was founded 1903, after two unsuccessful attempts. Henry Ford started out as the vice-president and also the chief engineer of the company.

Ford had his first success in 1908 with the production of the Model T. The Model T, a huge success, has been one of the most popular cars in history. It offered everything that the drivers of the time could ask for. By 1918, over half of all cars in the country were manufactured by Ford (?Life? 1995).

The Ford Motor Company continued its success throughout the century, now operating factories in over 200 countries on six different continents. Its many factories need many people to operate them. That is why over 338,000 people are employed by Ford. Ford now controls about 13 percent of the world?s auto manufacturing. (Ayella, 1998) Only one automaker challenges Ford in the United States. That manufacturer is the Chevrolet Corporation. The Chevrolet Corporation was founded in 1911 by William Durant. The name of the company was derived from a well known race car...