“China Offers Free AIDS Tests, Treatment”

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This article was about how China has recently begun to offer free AIDS tests and treatment to individuals who cannot afford it and want to have it done. An astounding 840,000 people are HIV positive along with 80,000 who carry the AIDS virus. According the U.N. AIDS agency, the numbers may grow to as high as 10 million by the year 2020. Sources claim that the AIDS virus in China is believed to spread mostly through prostitution and drug use. Officials however, worry that the disease could spread to the general population. In the beginning, AIDS tests were only available in centers that treated individuals who were sex workers and drug addicts. With the scare increasing, health officials have been encouraging pregnant women and other people to get tested.

This article shows concern by the Chinese government. At the same time, where are they getting this money to pay for free AIDS testing? With the population as large as it is, it would appear that free tests would only be feasible for a limited period of time.

The logical conclusion for free testing is obviously to slow down the scattering of this virus as quickly as possible. But it may be an idea that comes to a quick and screeching halt. Personally, while not all people can afford to be tested, I think it would be beneficial to charge something. I know if I thought I had AIDS, I would find a way to make the money to be tested. Finally, this article relates to human biology because it involves helping keep the body healthy and preventing the multiplicity of such an infectious disease.