China v. Ottoman empire

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Question: Compare the reaction of the Ottoman Empire and China to foreign dominance.

Over many years connections were made and some were diminished. This sparked problems in some areas which then, lead to further problems. In some cases it even caused wars. Nations all reacted different to what was happening. The political, social and economic reaction of the Ottoman Empire showed similarities and differences from the reaction of China.

The political reaction of the Ottoman Empire was similar to the reaction in China. When British traders introduced opium in 1773 to the Chinese they opened their doors to Britain. When the government realized the problem about 50 years later in 1883, it was too late. The addiction was widespread and China tried to close off all contacts with Britain and banned the sale and use of opium. When the British took Hong Kong from China, people began to see their weakness.

This was similar to the Ottoman Empire, like when Britain gained control of Egypt.

The social reaction in China was caused by upset of the people. People in China thought their country was getting weak due to the loss of Hong Kong, so they thought they could rebel. It began with the White Lotus Rebellions and continued with the Taiping Rebellions yet the rebellions failed. Korea took advantage of this and declared its independence and Vietnam was lost to the French. The Ottoman Empire continued to be influenced by France and Britain losing part of its territory to Britain.

The economic reaction of the Ottoman and China was basically the same, it dwindled. China began to collapse to foreign domination, while the Ottoman Empire would have collapsed if it were not for France and Britain supporting the Empire to keep it from Russia. Although China tried cutting...