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Two thousand years ago one man walked the earth, teaching, serving and changing the views mankind forever. This man was Jesus Christ, known to many as the son of a virgin and the son of God. He was the king of man to those who followed him but yet he taught us that being a servant was the best way to live. As Jesus shared his story with the world, there were many who followed him, believed in what he was teaching, and accepted Christ as their Lord, their creator and savior. These people who accepted Jesus Christ were called Christians. The term Christianity was very clear to society because the concept was so new. At that point in time it was easy to distinguish the difference between a Jew, a Gentile and a Christian. Now the word Christianity can be taken in many different contexts. A religious person who believes in Jesus Christ and is a member of a Christian denomination is the noun definition of a Christian.

In the adjective form of the word, a Christian follows the teachings or manifests the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ. The difference between these two terms is hard to define, just like it is hard to define a true Christian in todays society. Three different types of Christians are: the inherited Christians, the Sunday Christians, and the Born-Again, On-Fire Christians.

When examining the Christian lifestyle there are basic characteristics that are to be expected. A true Christian can be distinguished by their actions in public. In public a Christian can be seen serving others; when a Christian speaks it is to be expected that they wont be uttering obscenities, or putting others down. Church attendance is also one of the key elements of

the lifestyle. In private a...