Christianity and Civilization

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Connie Tran

Civilization is a group of people who resist their natural temptations, work together, and help one another while using strong infrastructures and a strong bureaucracy to hold the society together. In Rome, Cicero had experienced the change of civilization from the fall of the Roman Republic to the start of the Roman Empire. When Tiberius Gracchus tried to bring back the hard working farmers by restoring their farmlands, he was murdered the by wealthy patricians in the Senate and the Roman Republic was startingbegan to crumble. The Rrepublic only existed in theory by the time the warlords were instarted fighting with eachother for control of Rome. When Augustus takes finally took over Rome in 27 BCE, it markeds the end of the Roman Republic and the start of the Roman Empire. Though Rome went from being a republic to an empire, the ideas of civilization are consistent from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empirethrough the transition.

In the documents from Cicero and from early Christian writers , Sermon on the Mount, The Gospel of Thomas, and Cicero and the Republic, the aspects of civilization that arise are only from the first half of the definition of civilization, while the second half of the definition is disregarded. Comment by head royce: This may be a bit too optimistic. For instance, America is certainly a part of a civilization, but there is not a huge movement of communal assistance going on in our society. The ancient Romans owned slaves, had a brutal army gorging itself on territory and human lives, in the Colosseums of the Empire, people were tortured and murdered for entertainment. Civilizations can be hell on the poor and the weak.

The earliesy Christian documents were written in the first century CE, right in the middle...