Chronology of the Haitian Revolution

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1697- The Spaniards cede the western third of Hispaniola to the French crown at the treaty of Ryswick. It is now called Saint Domingue.

1697-1791- Saint Domingue becomes the richest colony in the world. It's capital, Cap Franceis, is known as the Paris of the New World. There are now about 700,000 African slaves compared to about 30,000 Whites and 30,000 people of color.

1791- The first major black Rebellion takes place, initiated by Boukman, a voodoo Houngan. This begins the markings of civil war between the Black dominated north, and the mulatto dominated south.

1796- Toussaint L'Ouverture, an educated herb doctor and military man, emerges as the leader of the former slaves in the north. He restored order, ended the massacres, and restored some of Saint Domingue's former prosperity.

1801- Napoleon Bonaparte dispatches an army of 34,000 to try to subdue the slave armies and retake the conlony for France- he was unsuccessful, however the leader of the French army, Leclerc, ultimately had Toussaint L'Ouverture seized and deported to France, where he died in prison.

1802- Convention in Paris reintroduces slavery, bringing on even more rebellions and massacres.

1804- Jean-Jacques Dessalines proclaimed the independent Black Republic of Haiti in the northern half of the island. They become the 1st primarily Black republic in the world, the 2nd republic in the world, and the 1st independent country of former slaves in the world.