The Church And the Work by Watchman Nee

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Jeswin Paulson

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Due Date: 4/24/14

The Church And The Work: Rethinking the Work

By: Watchman Nee

This book by Watchman Nee, I found very intriguing. Especially how the author gets onto the topic of sectarianism. "Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell in unity." (Psalms 133:1) The triune God we serve, works within the formation of unity, and of the same manner us as humans, we are made for unity in the context of body, soul, and spirit. The whole perspective of Christianity is to have unification, however unfortunately today we see churches having splits upon splits. The universal church comprises of all those who have the unity of the spirit. So therefore, such division other than geographical distinctions are form of carnality. Local divisions is the only divisions which does not touch the life of the Church. The best position to take among local church divisions, is to just focus on what we can agree on, because in the end of the day everyone has his/her own views of how they view their faith in Christ, however Christ has called us to come into unity, and how Nee teaches; our goal is not to break up a division but to establish churches, and let the body of Christ flourish across the earth.

If our hearts are set to preach the local character of the churches of God, we cannot fail to come up against problems in our work, which ties into a fleshly issue. Our flesh desires us to impose our personal views, or our specific sects of doctrine on others instead of just unifying ourselves of just believing the Gospel of Christ dying for our sins, being buried, and rising from the dead. We may have right views,