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The Infants of Carrión and many other noble of all the kingdoms of Spain arrived at Valencia. The Cid did much honor to them. In individual it distinguished to his futures to sons-in-laws, the Infants. He sent that Pedro Bermudez and Muno Gustioz took care of and took care of the Infants personally.

The weddings were celebrated in the great room of the palace. Throughout carpets, silk and purple were seen. The hour arrived and the horsemen of the Cid joined themselves there with great haste. The Infants inclined before the Cid and Do6na Jimena. Pondering the Cid said " Since we must do it, why we are it taking?" It ordered to Alvar Fanez that began the rite and that it gave to its daughters with its own hand. All to the church went later of Santa Maria where Don Jerónimo, the bishop, gave its blessing.

The Cid and his, to celebrate the event, made a great sample of their skill with the arms.

Matches were made in a near sandy ground and, on the following day before eating, the horsemen broke seven wooden castles in the field.

At the end of the fifteen days of celebration, the Cid gave rich gifts to all the present horsemen and these returned to their rich kingdoms and contentments. The Infants of Carrión remained to live in Valencia with their women and the Cid.