Cigarette Smoking

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I gasp as I walk in. I can taste the smoke as I feel it filling my lungs. Then comes the coughing, and coughing, and more coughing. "Yes?" my mom asks as she inhales from the repulsive cigarette, curious as to why I had come into the room. She exhales again. I hold my breath and roll my eyes as I turn around and walk out without saying a thing. I can hear her yelling to me as I walk into my bedroom door. I have told her time and time again that I do not want to talk to her while she is smoking, but she still yells when I walk away. I thought when I left for college that would be one thing I wouldn't have to worry about, but I was wrong.

Boston College's smoking policy says that smoking is banned in all buildings including all indoor air space but not including areas outside buildings or "personal rooms within student residence halls" (Choma 40).

This shows that they feel strongly enough to support that smoking in public is harmful but not strongly enough that they should disallow it in individual rooms.

I realized once I got here that even though nobody would be smoking in any of the academic buildings or my room specifically, I would still have to deal with the effects. I was lucky enough that, although I got two roommates instead of one, neither of them smokes. I was very relieved to find this out, especially considering one of my roommates had previously been a smoker. I was not lucky enough, however, to actually be able to avoid exposure to cigarette smoke because it comes from many other places in the dorm.

Many people believe that they have the right to smoke in...